The Jeweler

Nádudvary László

Since 2000

I am Nádudvary László and my dream is to become a jeweler. Being self-taught, a craftsman, this is also a way of life, a road full of trials and failures that lead to a deeper understanding of metal and its processing, transforming my life, step by step into: Success.

Nádudvary László


Written About Me

„László Nádudvary is a tireless self-taught man, he has been in the profession for 20 years and defines himself as a craftsman-silversmith-jeweller. He makes objects, artistic pieces come out of his hands, yet for him the value lies not in the pieces, but in the process of making them, the wearer, and the dialogue between the two. He has no (professional) secrets, he is willing to show his workshop, talk about his future plans. Open mind, open workshop – that’s how he lives, that’s how he works, that’s how he imagines the future. His jewellery is inimitable. It draws inspiration from a traditional set of patterns, works with traditional techniques, yet all earrings, necklaces, sets can be worn, modern and even fashionable. Tulips, antique forks, (semi)precious gemstones, wire – anything can become jewellery under his hands.

He moved to Răscruci, three years ago, far from the noise of the big city, where he lives his artist’s life, full of challenges. He aspires making his dreams come true. He dreams of an equipped workshop, children’s sessions, a community and more jewellery. You too can benefit from this dream.”

Szalma Ancsa – Ținutul Fluturelui Albastru